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Hating you ain't easy, loving you is


12:34 PM  -  I didn't even know its coming ♥


Hey ppl! I'm not gonna be blogging so soon. Will imform ppl once I start blogging back again alrights? Hmmm, thankyou! Love you guys loads <3

2:56 PM  -  I didn't even know its coming ♥

School's getting more & more boring, w Mrs Kho teaching. Zzzz, the whole school's resting, yet she's teaching. New topics somemore. -.- Damn her uh. And, guess what, I only failed my geog, but i got 37th in class, over 40 ppl. Then overall in level, I've got 159/200. All because of GEOG.

Tmr's the last day of school, & I'm gonna taketaketake loads of photos! :D Just hope I don't forget to bring my cam tmr ): Ha. BIG BREAKFAST ~ Father's going school tmr, to find tcher, and also take back my mum's phone! Heehee.

Gonna collect my class tee later, & will take pics of it! Hmmm, holis are coming, & I'm so excited! Imma gonna enjoyenjoy man! Do nails, nails, nails!

Ohhhhh. Most impt of all, Marco got canned, I think, today in school (: Haha, serve him right laaaa :D I support Ping, for not forgiving him. Cos, even if it's me, I won't too. Never forgive, never forget!

Also, I took a video of a baby which my mother is babysitting now- Chloe. She roarrs like a tiger. Hmmm, you guys will know why, when I upload it up, soon.

"All that is required to feel here and now
is happiness, is a simple,
yet frugal heart"
I'm still gonna be loving Jinyao, no matter what others might say.

11:18 PM  -  I didn't even know its coming ♥

Haha, :D
I've just uploaded pics that I took w Mj & Pris Waiyu~ Laugh.


Went back to Junyuan Pri today, w Changheng, Ping & Zhimei. Haha! The teachers in school still remained the same as they were! Heehee, still damn funny. And Mr Patrick T--, still as gay as ever. Well, the kids there are having Meet-The-Parents session today, so they don't really have time to entertain me, so well, just walked around the school like tourists. The V-head there, named Chua Xian Wei, help us took photos! Heehee, credits to him (:

Saw my bro's photo, at one of the staircase. Ha! My bro look damn innocent then. Here's the picture. I actually took it down. Memories ley! :D


Ate there, the food was okayokay only, compared to how it is last time! Hmmm, well. But still, not bad. Just that Changheng got scammed by the stall 1 auntie, MuahChee for $1! Haha, damn funny.


After that went T1 shop awhile, then taidi-ed at Central Park till now, went home w baby! :D

Some of the pics are w Ping, so will be uploading it later :D

Rose, and I :D

Tinghui! (:

Darlingdarling, be mine tonight! :D

5:36 AM  -  I didn't even know its coming ♥

Hey Earthlings. D:
Haven't blog for long. Gotten my results, for the paperwise ones. Haha, guess what?
I flunk almost everything. I've gotten back like Lit, Eng, Chinese, Physics & Bio. Passed everything except for Eng. Well, yes. I passed, but still - It's only borderline pass. Seriously just borderline.

Speechless when I saw my Physics paper. It was so easy?! Yet I just got a 27/40 ><>

Got to know of this guy, called M - - - -.
Well, didnt wanna say his name out, JUST TO GIVE HIM SOME FACE.
But I guess, practically almost everyone who reads my blog knows who. He's someone in my school. Yes, he.

Well, he's just been found th thief that had stolen my darling's phone about a few months ago. At first, I thought he's just a bad boyf. He uses girlf's money, and even had scolded her.

Yupp, he appears to be so damn innocent that no one can even realise that he's the thief. He steals, and then pretend to be good. -.-

He'll most probably be saying, "Oh, no. It's not like that de. I've my own reasons, I need help"
He always says that, when his lies were discovered. So ppl from my school, just beware of him. This guy that seemed to be so friendly, is the worse threat ever.

He might be going ns soon le, I hope not :x
Baby, don't worry alrights? I'll be right here waiting. :D
Nothing is gonna change the fact - that I love you <3

8:29 PM  -  I didn't even know its coming ♥

Heyhey ho! I just realised I haven't been posting for soooooooooo long! Yups, was so busy w exams. And stuffs like my boyf :D Life's been so far so good. And I'm glad that my friends feels the same too. Especially Pris & Mj. Ha!

Feel so damn bad cos I'm supposed to meetup Sherri, but I can't really make it. I hope both of us will be free on the next meeting. I missed her! ): Omg.

And oh. I got back my phone already. So I'm using back th 8383 number le. Argh, but unfortunately, the line's overdue, so I can't really do any outgoing contact. So please bear w me awhile ppl! I'll contact you guys soon, I promise; SOON.
My advise ppl, never to use M1. It scams ppl's money. Like for the past month, my phone & sim is w the teacher, then how on earth did I even overuse that fxukedup line? Lol, some MOFO company. -.-

Baby's sleeping now, when it's like 3plus in the afternoon already.
Ppl come and go in my life, but I'm satisfied w whoever I have now -
Friends who cared, and my Love <3


12:15 AM  -  I didn't even know its coming ♥

Hey ppl! :D Was busy trashing out questions about Math & Science to teachers. Exams on this Tue! Omg, and I'm so dead. I haven't even started on any revision. Hmmm, have la, but just notes writing. Haha.

I'm so gonna retain again le manxz. This week's so damn shiok laaaa. Always out w Pris, Ping, Meijuan, Tinghui, Rumin, Dion, Clara, Changheng, and lots loads of ppl! Had lots of fun while waiting for baby to end work. These ppl rocks my life!

Shaun took back his spare phone that he lent me, and I got another from Marco. Haha. Finding jobs soon after exams, or maybe just open a shop or something. Yawns, school's getting boring, very boring.

Anybody ever heard of Xiang Si Dou? Or, something like that de. It's a red seed; meant to be picked up. Wooooo. Three crazy women, went all the way from Tamp to Kallang, just to get those. Yes, and one of them is me. Haha, the other two is Meijuan & Pris, my Waiyus! :D

And to my surprise, that place where the three are, were not red. It's green! Like normal patches of grass. Only when we stand on the grass, then we realised, it's all hidden within the grasses & mud. Damn! The whole process was so funny la! All three of us have what you call 'low blood' and we were there moving around picking up seeds for 2HOURS :D Although we complained, but I guess it's worth it. At least for me, that smile on his face makes me so happy! & I'm glad I did that.

Well, but the sad thing is, the three of us were so engrossed in those yuckky insects, and seeds- that we didn't even realised WE DIDN'T TAKE ANY PHOTOS. That's it. Haha, so I can't really have illustrations on how the proccedure of this goes, only words.

Well, goodlucks friends for exams! <33

Had many wishings to wish.


That's all for now le. Baby, I love you laaaa! :x

10:53 PM  -  I didn't even know its coming ♥

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